1. When your child has obtained his/her swimming certificate with us, you will get a €25 discount on the next swimming certificate.(this only applies to Turbo swimming lessons in the Netherlands).
  2. Do you have three paying children in our swimming lessons? Then the swimming lesson is €10 cheaper a month from your oldest child.
  3. If you travel more than 15 km for one of our swimming lessons, you will receive a one-off €1.50 discount per km travelled. The discount is valid from 15 km (this only applies for Turbo swimming lessons in the Netherlands).
  4. Does your child have the complete swimming ABC? Your child can then take free swimming lessons with us!


Service 1. First swimming lesson is free.

Service 2. No waiting list, so start without waiting.

Service 3. If your child cannot come to the swimming lesson two or more consecutive times, you can request catch up swimming lessons by e-mail.

Service 4. We give free swimming lesson advice.


Turbo swimming lessons: in four swimming lessons you get your swimming certificate! If he/she does not manage to obtain the swimming certificate in these four lessons, you will get a refund or free swimming lessons until your child obtains the swimming certificate.


Ask about the conditions by e-mail!

You must request all discounts & services yourself by e-mail.
Valid from 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2022