We as Swim Academy Turbo guarantee the safety and quality for every child across the world;

Swim Academy Turbo is the training institute for national & international swimming certificates for children aged 4-12, for almost 20 years, a varied range of nationally & internationally recognised swimming certificates. In addition Turbo Swim Academy trains its own swimming teachers in collaboration with the ENVOZ.

Our main mission is promoting safety and quality in the water.

For the issuing of international swimming certificates we are affiliated to the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) in the UK. ENVOZ is also a affiliated to  the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Associations (IFSTA), the umbrella  world organisation that has more than 25 affiliated countries. For more info www.sta.co.uk  and www.ifsta.co.uk.

ENVOZ is affiliated with the Dutch Council for Private Universities and Institutions for Education and Training (www.nrto.nl). All affiliated companies work according to a behavioural code for the protection of the consumer.